Busy few Months…

By September 1, 2016 No Comments

With Hybrid facing a busy September we should take time to reflect on a great summer. Firstly the Iversons wedding and wow what a venue. Eastington House provided the backdrop to a grand day and after having to set up outside on the lawn,due to the longer than expected but very funny speeches, we moved inside and set up for ‘the show’.
Iain had purchased even more lights and passers by could’ve easily thought they were walking down the GOLDEN MILE in Blackpool but with an unnatural calmness and efficiency we set up in good time for the first dance.
Holly, already sweating like a midget nun at a penguin shoot, rose….or sat…to the occasion and Elton John gave everyone a rise……ooh err missus. The rest of the evening continued at a pace with the dance floor always alive (apart from when Black chandelier took its turn and you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking the fire alarm had gone off!)
Whilst Iain hunted for the right notes Dan hunted out the food, both only moderately successful, and yet as Hollys shirt got increasingly saturated the night passed into another winner for Hybrid AND the happy couple.
Ash, the drummer, showed us he can’t look after his toys and as we packed away the Samaritans were put on speed dial incase the loss of a microphone overwhelmed him. In the end Ollie ‘found’ it in his box and returned the missing item…..and quickly removed the ad on e-bay.
Our endeavours also took us back to the Maltster in Worcester and we were greeted in a positive manner by the bar staff who informed us ‘there’s a beer festival on down the road so tonight’s going to be shite’. This thankfully wasn’t the case and the night passed with another tick in the Hybrid box. Why we collect parasites is a mystery to all…..
Our second wedding had Hybrid ‘camping’ for the night….and this doesn’t mean fagging out…..and Manor Hill Hotel was our site. An intimate marquee was where we plied our trade and again the first song was strummed out by Holly. As the pool of sweat gathered underneath him the happy couple elegantly stumbled around the floor in a graceful manner and apart from the drunken insistence to play ‘Let it go’ the night, the guests, the music, and the venue were excellent.
Ash kept his microphones close and his mum had sewn string to his mittens and put it through his sleeves so another drama was averted.
Ollie managed to pass off the fact he had forgotten smart shoes and with a cap on the floor managed to walk away with a handful of small change and directions to a local refuge shelter.
Our journey through organised mayhem steers us to Droitwich in a bid to raise funds for BIRMINGHAM CHILDRENS HOSPITAL and hopefully after this September carries on in fast pace with a gig every weekend. Dan has been in his counting house and even though the coffers are flooding in poor Bob Cratchet still can’t get more coal to thaw out his ink.
More news to follow and keep following more news……I don’t understand that either so you’re not alone, Plus a new web and content very shortly!